Affordable and centralized storage for your idle equipment.

Value Enhancement

Our intake process sends equipment to our 5,000 square foot wash bay, where we clean the equipment using pressure washers, steam, compressed air, and CO2 blast. Fine detailing techniques are used for delicate units. We take detailed photos, video, and engineering measurements before preparing the equipment for storage.

Wash Bay cleaning services

Custom Skidding

Our experienced warehouse staff builds a custom skid for each piece of equipment. By extending the edge of the skid slightly beyond the edges of the unit and securing the piece with straps, we protect the equipment from storage damage.

Custom skids for each piece of equipment

Secure Warehousing

All SIGMA warehouses are protected 24/7 by security systems equipped with video surveillance, monitored and controlled by our management team. Our clean facilities are well-lit with motion-activated lighting systems. Bar-coded inventory tracking ensures accurate storage, enabling us to prepare equipment for redeployment within 24 hours of approval of the request.

Clean and organized storage