From engineering to recycling, SIGMA services fulfill your needs.

On-Site Shop

SIGMA’s 10,000 square foot shop is the largest in the used equipment industry. We offer repairs, retooling, and other engineering projects to help you ensure that your equipment is ready to install when it is redeployed.

Power up and cycle testing

Sales Expertise

We help more than 300 customers daily with their equipment needs. When you decide to sell a piece of equipment, we use our proven marketing and search engine optimization techniques to sell your equipment quickly.

Experienced sales staff to sell your equipment

Enhanced Recycling

Our parts division offers enhanced component recovery and recycling. We cost-effectively remove all electrical and mechanical parts from your recycled machines. We list the parts for sale, giving you immediate value for components that are often discarded. To protect your interests, we remove and delete all proprietary programming before any components are shipped from our facility.

We remove valuable components before recycling