Shine a light on your idle assets
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SIGMA's Custom software gives you 100% visibility of your idle equipment--anytime, anywhere. Centralized storage allows you to protect your idle equipment at a single location. Industry experience and best-in-class search engine optimization sells your idle equipment quickly.


Do you need equipment recovery?

SIGMA Recovery centralizes and simplifies your asset recovery efforts. At any point in time, up to 20% of a company’s assets may be idle or surplus. Only SIGMA Recovery provides the complete set of tools to manage idle assets until they reach the very end of the life cycle.

Do you have idle equipment stored at multiple locations across the country? Request an analysis for your company, and we will create a custom demonstration from your company’s data.

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Four Reasons For Recovering Idle Equipment

Recover the use of your own equipment
Recover the potential of your equipment
Recover the maximum value of your equipment
Recover the components and remaining value of your equipment

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